1. Así é o “traballo” infantil na maior parte do planeta. O Capitalismo sosténse sobre o esclavismo.

    Imaxe: Steve McCurry

  2. A demostración burlesca do Poder.

  3. In this, Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 photo, an Indian performer disguised as Hindu Goddess Kali performs with fire during Navratri festival in Allahabad, India. Navratri or the festival of nine nights is an annual Hindu festival of worship and dance.

    [Credit : Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP]

    (vía fotojournalismus)

  4. Hotel Holiness
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama faces the media at The Lowry Hotel.

  5. Boys fleeing from Southern Sudan to avoid being forced to fight in the civil war, and heading for the refugee camps of Northern Kenya in 1993.

    [Credit : Sebastião Salgado]

    (vía fotojournalismus)

  6. Photos that Challenge Your Perception of Reality.