1. Así é o “traballo” infantil na maior parte do planeta. O Capitalismo sosténse sobre o esclavismo.

    Imaxe: Steve McCurry

  2. A demostración burlesca do Poder.

  3. Hotel Holiness
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama faces the media at The Lowry Hotel.

  4. Jan. 9, 1930: “The latest thing in speakeasies: Sergeant Frank T. Zimmie and Detective Joseph Pallinado of the Philadelphia Police, exhibiting one of the twelve pint bottles of liquor cached in the papier-mâché clothes dummy, draped with an evening gown, found in the tailor shop they raided.” Two days later, The Times published an article about claims of a “police protected” speakeasy made at a luncheon of the Women’s Organization for Prohibition Reform in Philadelphia. Photo: The New York Times.

    Vía: livelymorgue

  5. Student leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Danny the Red) in front of Sorbonne University, at the start of the “May 1968 events” Paris, May 6, 1968.

    [Credit : Gilles Caron]

    Vía: fotojournalismus