1. Así é o “traballo” infantil na maior parte do planeta. O Capitalismo sosténse sobre o esclavismo.

    Imaxe: Steve McCurry

  2. A demostración burlesca do Poder.

  3. Hotel Holiness
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama faces the media at The Lowry Hotel.

  4. newyorker:

    Kate Simon’s Years with Bob Marley

    When we asked Kate Simon to delve into her archive to find a photo of Bob Marley for this week’s issue, we knew she would send us something special. In addition to being the official photographer for Marley’s European Exodus Tour, in 1977, Kate has been a friend of Bob’s since they first met, at a concert, in 1975. Not only did Kate supply us with some amazing photos of Bob, she also shared a few words about her time with him.

    - For the story behind each of the above photos (plus more photos), visit our Photo Booth blog: http://nyr.kr/JiLuv0

  5. Boys fleeing from Southern Sudan to avoid being forced to fight in the civil war, and heading for the refugee camps of Northern Kenya in 1993.

    [Credit : Sebastião Salgado]

    (vía fotojournalismus)

  6. Jan. 9, 1930: “The latest thing in speakeasies: Sergeant Frank T. Zimmie and Detective Joseph Pallinado of the Philadelphia Police, exhibiting one of the twelve pint bottles of liquor cached in the papier-mâché clothes dummy, draped with an evening gown, found in the tailor shop they raided.” Two days later, The Times published an article about claims of a “police protected” speakeasy made at a luncheon of the Women’s Organization for Prohibition Reform in Philadelphia. Photo: The New York Times.

    Vía: livelymorgue